Monday, February 28, 2011

Great Story

I am a big fan of Debbie Macomber and I recently started reading her latest book "God's Guest List".  The first story she tells really hit home with me and I felt that it would be a great story to share with our ladies study group Wednesday night.  So here it goes...

She tells of a lady who has gone to heaven and meets St. Peter at the gates of heaven.  He begins to give her a tour of heaven and she is in awe of all the beautiful sights.  After they have toured all of heaven she realizes there is one room they have not entered.  She asks St. Peter what is behind that door and he tells her that she has no need for what is in that room.  She persists until St. Peter opens the door to reveal an endless room full of beautifully wrapped gifts. 

She notices that some of the gifts have her name on them and asks St. Peter why she never received these gifts.  He tells her that these gifts did arrive in different forms.  They may have been a person, an event, or something else but she ignored the gift. 

This is just a made up story, but I felt that this was a great example of how we need to take care with the people that we meet and the events of our lives.  We never know when we are being presented a special gift from God.

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