Monday, October 17, 2011

Lesson 2 - Thinking the Truth about God and His Word

What meant the most to you from this chapter or helped you think more accurately about God’s character and the truth of His Word?

What offered you the greatest challenge or blessing, and why?

Thinking the Truth About God
Which of the following ideas or feelings do you regularly entertain?

 “I’m not really forgiven.”
 “I must not be a Christian.”
 “God doesn’t know what’s going on.”
 “God doesn’t see what’s happening to me.”
 God doesn’t understand how I feel.”
 “God wouldn’t do that for me.”
 “God doesn’t care about me.”
 Other feelings or thoughts:

What truths do these verses teach us that contradict the ideas and feelings listed above?
Exodus 2:24-25
Exodus 3:7-10
Genesis 16:7-10
Genesis 21:17-19
1 Peter 5:7

How will you begin to change your thoughts so you are thinking the truth about God?

Thinking the Truth about God’s Word
Read 2 Timothy 3:16. What does this verse say about the value of God’s Word?

Now, write out 1 John 1:9 from your Bible. What does this verse say about forgiveness?

Read Colossians 1:14. How does this verse give you additional assistance in thinking “forgiven”?

Think the Truth about Ourselves
Read the following verses in your Bible.
Psalm 139:14
1 Corinthians 12:7-11
Romans 5:8
Romans 8:35
2 Timothy 1:9

How can the truths of these verses help you replace the inaccurate ideas you sometimes have about God and yourself?

Sometimes God’s Word says one thing, and we think or feel differently. How should we view this contradiction and the power of God’s Word to transform our thinking?

Loving God…Even more….what can you do this week, in obedience to Christ…to think on the truth?
To train your thoughts? To love God with all your mind? Think on these things.

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