Thursday, April 28, 2011

Completing Your Husband

As women after God's heart, we are to make our husband our #1 human priority.  When I say that we should complete our husband I am referring to the fact that we are to be the woman that our husband needs us to be.

For our challenge this week to make our husbands a priority, I have included some suggestions for you to consider:

One of the suggestions is to make meals that he likes. I actually already do this a lot. In my housekeeping notebook, I have a tab labeled kitchen. What is your husband's favorite meal or meals? How about trying to make his favorite meal once or twive a week? 
If one of his favorites is something difficult and timely to make like homemade ice cream, how about making it on a monthly basis.  Isn't he worth the extra effort?

Another suggestion is to involve yourself in his favorite activities.  Does he enjoy playing video games, or watching a baseball game?  Maybe it's something simple like sitting out on the patio for an hour in the evening watching the birds feed.

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